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General Inquiries:

The Fredericton Music Festival provides music students in the Fredericton area with an opportunity to perform in public and be adjudicated by highly qualified, professional musicians.  The Festival Committee consists of volunteers who strive to make the festival a great experience for young musicians.  New volunteers are welcome; for more details, please contact Deborah VanSlyke (President) at 455-7000 or


Junior Concert video

Senior Concert video

Junior Awards

Senior Awards

School Awards

Junior Award of Excellence Winners - Matthew Snell (piano), Maggie Zheng (strings), Kelly Song (winds), Rose Messenger (voice)

Senior Award of Excellence Winners - Nadia Ingalls (winds), Vivian Ni (piano and strings), Luke Noftall (voice)


The 2016 National Music Festival will take place in Sackville, AB, June 1 - 4. 

Fredericton Music Festival representatives:


Voice – Rose Messenger, Talia Kennedy
Alternate – Fιlix Turgeon
Piano – Sebastian Vanicek, Caroline Vanicek
Alternate – Matthew Snell
Strings – Phillip Ingalls (violin), Nina Cruz (violin)
    Alternates -
  Helen Li (violin), Maggie Zheng (violin)
Woodwinds – Catriona McIntosh (clarinet)
Chamber Groups – Nina Cruz, Gerry Zhang, Phillip Ingalls, Mia McLean
Helen Li, Anne Liu, Amanda Zhang, Emma He
Musical Theatre – Rose Messenger, Frank Yu
Original Composition – Maddison Hoyt


Voice – Melanie Dupuis, Brianna Corey
Piano – Amanda Zhang, Zeting Yin                     
    Alternate -  Yining Zhuang
Strings – Alicia Ingalls, Gerry Zhang                 
    Alternate – Maggie Kerr
Winds – Nadia Ingalls
Chamber Group - Alicia Ingalls, Bianca Cruz, Rose He, Maggie Kerr 


Piano – Vivian Ni, Yan-Ru Chen               
    Alternates – Thomas Cardoso-Grant, Chelsea Ahn
Strings – Vivian Ni

Provincial syllabus

The 2016 National Music Festival will take place in Edmonton, AB, August 11 - 13


Donate Now Through!

By donating to the scholarship account or to the operating account of the festival, you are helping to maintain the entry fees at a low level and you are helping to provide prizes and scholarships to worthy competitors.  Operating expenses include fees, meals and accommodations for adjudicators who travel from the Maritime Provinces, Quebec and Ontario as well as the tuning of pianos. 

Donations may be submitted electronically by clicking on the "Donate Now" icon above or by mailing a Donor Reply Form to:

Fredericton Music Festival
PO Box 114
570 Queen St
Fredericton, NB  E3B 4Y2

The Fredericton Music Festival is fortunate to have so many friends of the festival to make our festival a success!  

2016 Donors and Friends of the Festival


Thank you to Tony's Music Box  for donating a Yamaha electronic piano for the piano concerto class.  

Thank you to Marilyn Baird of Baird Travel Ltd. for providing travel arrangements for the adjudicators



In the fall of 1947, with impetus from James Manchip and a financial commitment from the Fredericton Rotary Club, an organizational meeting was held for the first Fredericton Competitive Festival of Music. Members of the Rotary Club formed the nucleus of the first executive. Dr. A.S. MacFarlane became president;  Justice W. J. West, vice-president; and James Manchip, executive-director.  

The first festival, held April 21-24, 1948, in the auditorium of the Provincial Normal School attracted 448 entries. Organizers were able to cover all the expenses with entry and admission fees, leaving the Rotary donation intact. The long tradition of scholarships given in conjunction with the festival began with a $100 scholarship donated by the Knights of Pythias for the outstanding performer of the first festival.

By 1952 there was such an increase in entrants that it was necessary to hire two full-time adjudicators. By 1954 there were 624 entries; in 1966, 725 entries; in 1981, 780 entries; in 1988, 1524 entries. By 1996, 1735 entries dictated the need for the services of seven adjudicators with sessions being held in six venues and lasting two weeks. 

From its inception, the Fredericton Music Festival Committee, composed solely of volunteers, has been responsible for all aspects of the organization and operation of the festival.


April 17 - 28, 2017
April 14 - 27, 2018


Summary of festival entries for 2002 to 2016Table of Statistics   


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